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Welcome to Community Arts Celebration

Welcome to what will soon become the largest Arts Celebration in Central Ontario.  Here is the picture:

1) Together we close a downtown street and pack it full of artists and vendors from across the region: Jewellers, Fine Artists, Crafters and more.

2) Then surround the street with performers of all types, buskers music and all the community can muster.

3) Then take a local theater and packing it with sound & lights and using that stage to run an epic "live stage day" that showcases local talent from morning to night! All award-winning as well as up-coming artists in the entire region are invited (Musicians, Dancers, Dramatic performers, and more)

4) Then televise this event to a broader public that could not make it to the venue in person.

5) Then include Artists of the entire region who can open their private studios to the public and have a simultaneous "Studio Tour" day where members in the local community (and tourists alike) can see the works of great professional artists in the area.

6) Then if that was not enough, take all of the local restaurants and have them add new menu items or adapt their menus to show their truly creative side. Even having a Chef-off competition where they compete for the status as the regions' most creative Restaurant venue.

7) All while drawing great media exposure to the epic event in order to help promote everyone that has taken the liberty to participate!

Welcome to Community Arts Celebration! Let the celebration begin!

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